Our CSR policy

Design Location is proud to have integrated economic and social responsibility into its day-to-day management and its vision of medium and long-term development to help our teams and customers progress and reduce our ecological impact.

Our mission

Design Location is a recognised player in furniture hire for trade shows.

Responsiveness and flexibility, as well as quality of service, have been our major assets in satisfying our customers for over 20 years...

Our values

People are at the heart of our concerns and our actions to ensure the integration and well-being of our teams.

Each project is part of an eco-responsible approach that systematically seeks the best equation for the environment, as well as economically for our customers.

Customer satisfaction is part of the DNA of every employee at Design Location.

Our priority issues

To enhance and develop the expertise of our teams, while guaranteeing their safety and a good work-life balance.

Develop our customer base and build loyalty, and offer new eco-responsible products and services.

Improve our processes, tools and overall performance.

Our commitment

To develop our business while limiting our carbon footprint and developing our teams.

Always work towards customer satisfaction

Constantly integrate a duty of ethics, integration, vigilance and transparency.

Our actions and commitments

We back up our CSR policy with concrete actions.

Ethics and diversity

Ethics and diversity

  • Fighting corruption and fraud. Responsible customer relations.
  • Diversity and equal opportunities. Training, support for change and mobility.
  • Quality of life at work.
Saving energy and recycling

Saving energy and recycling

  • Paper catalogues replaced by digital versions.
  • Use of LED lighting.
  • Use ECO FRIENDLY cleaning products.
  • Recycling empty water bottles.
Eco-responsible transport

Eco-responsible transport

  • Acquisition of a gas-powered truck (Euro 06 standard).
  • Acquisition of a delivery planning tool to optimise routes.
  • Our lorries stay on site for long-distance journeys to avoid unnecessary return journeys, and our drivers join them by train.
Responsible purchasing

Responsible purchasing

  • Most of our furniture is made from recyclable materials.
  • A systematic approach to responsible purchasing.
  • Resale of obsolete furniture for a second life.
  • Systematic repair of damaged furniture, either by our teams or by local service providers.