General rental conditions

Version dated 29 January 2024.

Article 1 - Orders

1.1) All customer orders must be placed in writing (e-mail or order form). The same applies to any request to amend an order and/or place an additional order. Only written confirmation of the order (by means of a purchase order) by the service provider will constitute a commitment on his part and will initiate the preparation of the order by our teams.

1.2) If deadlines and conditions allow, Design Location will issue a delivery note when the rented equipment is made available, which the customer must sign after checking the order in full.

1.3) Design Location expressly reserves the right not to deliver if the state of availability of the rental equipment stock makes it totally or partially impossible to make the equipment available. The customer will therefore not be invoiced.

1.4) As soon as the customer places the order, he/she must immediately enclose full payment, including the insurance premium (unless otherwise agreed with our sales department).

1.5) The minimum order is €250 net excluding VAT (excluding delivery/transport costs).

Article 2 - Delivery of equipment

2.1.1) Design Location undertakes, insofar as the order has been placed as indicated above, to deliver the equipment ordered except in the event of material unavailability or technical impossibility.

2.1.2) Design Location undertakes to deliver the equipment ordered under the conditions specified in the order confirmation. If these delivery times differ from those specified in the order, the customer will be deemed to have accepted them, unless he immediately cancels his initial order by e-mail with acknowledgement of receipt.

2.2) In the event of use on an exhibition stand, in the absence of instructions to the contrary from the customer, Design Location will use all means at its disposal to transport the rented equipment, which will be deemed to have been delivered as soon as Design Location has delivered it to the stand indicated by the customer.

2.3) In the event of refusal by the recipient, for whatever reason, of the equipment, the obligations towards Design Location shall be borne by the client (100% payment of the invoice issued).

2.4) In the case of the installation of floor or wall coverings, the installation date is given as an indication only. The stand must be ready and free of clutter by the installation date.

Article 3 - Cancellation

3.1) Total or partial cancellation of an order will be invoiced at a rate equivalent to at least half of the amount of the cancelled order, but never less than the costs already incurred at the time of cancellation.

3.2) If the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the rental, sale or service, the cancelled part of the order will be owed by the customer and invoiced in full.

Article 4 - Tenant's obligations

As the hirer becomes the "guardian" of the objects and equipment hired for the duration of the hire period, he/she must:

4.1) Use the rented equipment in accordance with its usual purpose and not do anything or allow anything to be done that could damage it.

4.2) The hirer is solely responsible to Design Location for any damage, loss or theft.

4.3) If, within 24 hours of the equipment being made available, the hirer fails to submit justified written complaints about the condition of the rented equipment and the quantities, he/she will be deemed to have taken the equipment in good general condition and will be obliged to return it in the same condition at the end of the rental period. After this time, no claims will be accepted.

4.4) The hirer must take all necessary steps to insure himself, if he sees fit, against the risks of damage, loss, theft or any other event, and in general against any claim for which, by express agreement, he will be held liable by Design Location.

4.5) The equipment hired remains the exclusive property of Design Location and may not under any circumstances be moved or transferred in any way whatsoever. The lessee is expressly prohibited from doing so and, in particular, may not be seized in the event of the liquidation or bankruptcy of the lessee.

4.6) The rented equipment may only be used with the agreement of Design Location, which expressly reserves the right to repossess it without notice or compensation and subject to any claim for damages and legal proceedings in the event of a breach of these terms and conditions.

4.7) By express agreement, Design Location will repossess the rented equipment as soon as the fair, exhibition or show closes. The hirer must therefore take all necessary steps in this regard and in particular remove any objects, documentation or other items belonging to him or to his visitors. Design Location may under no circumstances be held responsible for the disappearance, deterioration or other damage of any object or other item that the customer has not removed from the rented equipment by the close of the event.

4.8) No modifications or alterations may be made to our equipment.

4.9) No nails, adhesives, paint or other permanent alterations may be applied to our furniture, failing which the customer will be billed an amount to be determined according to the damage suffered by the equipment.

4.10) All furniture has a locking mechanism with keys. These keys must be returned or a flat-rate charge of €15 (excl. VAT) will be added at the bottom of the invoice.

Article 5 - Tariffs

This rate applies to orders placed in accordance with Article 1. In other cases, for a delivery made after the official opening of the Show, on a Sunday or a public holiday, outside working hours, special transport will be invoiced in addition to the order.

Additional costs will be borne by Design Location if, for the products and/or services concerned, the installation site is not accessible to a semi-trailer and/or forklift truck and/or if the information provided is incorrect or incomplete and/or if the assembly/dismantling area is occupied by third parties and/or equipment.

5.1) RATE
Unless special agreements have been made, the rental amount is that of the rate in force at the time the equipment is made available. Any orders or supplements placed after 4pm on the day before the show opens and during the show will be charged at the current rate plus transport costs of €200 excluding VAT.

Transport will only be included for Fairs or Shows (official sites) in the Paris region, exhibitions, and will not be included for all other cases.

5.3) TAX
The rental price does not include tax.

Any special order due to: the rental period, the size of the equipment rented, the modification of standard equipment for a particular use, the place of use, may be subject to special agreements. Failing this, these general terms and conditions will apply.

5.5) In the case of "long-term" orders (hire of more than 10 days), invoices are issued for every 10 days from the date of delivery. Any ten days started are due in full.

Article 6 - Derogation from the stipulations of the order

6.1) For reasons relating to stock availability, lead times or, more generally, the conditions under which its activity is carried out, Design Location expressly reserves the right to supply identical equipment of the same value or condition of use in its place.

6.2) If the customer does not refuse this replacement equipment when it is made available, either in part or in full, it will be deemed to accept it and to subscribe to the obligations arising from it.

6.3) 6.3 No deduction will be made for any equipment cancelled in whole or in part, or for any change of furniture after delivery in accordance with the order.

Article 7 - Disputes

All disputes whatsoever, regardless of their origin or cause, even in the event of a guarantee call or action under any form of joint and several liability, must be judged in accordance with these general terms and conditions and will be brought before the competent Commercial Court as long as the application of these terms and conditions does not result in an obstacle to this attribution of jurisdiction.

Article 8 - Guarantee costs

The guarantee fees will cover the hirer against the risks of theft (subject to a complaint being lodged), or damage from the day before the official opening to the day after the closing. Refusal to take out cover automatically renders the hirer fully liable in the event of damage, disappearance or deterioration of the equipment.

Certain items in our offer (coffee machines, water fountains, small and large electrical appliances) are not covered by this insurance due to their nature, use, fragility or value. They are deemed to be the sole responsibility of the hirer from delivery to collection.

In the event of loss, theft or damage to this type of equipment, a replacement bill representing 3 times the rental value will be payable by the hirer.

Rental amount excl Guarantee fee excl
18 €
230 € à 381 € 31 €
382 € à 762 € 50 €
763 € à 1143 € 68 €
1144 € à 2287 € 130 €
2288 € à 3811 € 235 €
3812 € à 5336 € 340 €
5337 € à 7000 € 445 €
7001 € à 8500 € 490 €
> 8500 € 6%